Book Reviews
                       Sue McPherson 

Book Review: Rights: Sociological Perspectives (Lydia Morris, Ed., 2006).  Discourse of Sociological Practice Vol 8, 1, Spring, 2007. pp. 99-105.
Book Review: Power (Key Concepts)  (author John Scott, 2001).  Reviewed in 2006.

Book Review: The Montreal Massacre (authors Peter Eglin and Stephen Hester, 2003). 
Reviewed in 2005.  in Discourse & Society 18, 3, 2007. pp. 382-384.  
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Book Review: Importance of Disappointment (author Ian Craib, 1994). Reviewed in 2003.

Book Review: Incest a New Perspective  (author Mary Hamer, 2002).    Reviewed in 2002.
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