Bratton Seymour - nr Wincanton, Somerset, England
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Post Office
Bear Inn
on the road outside the cottages, by entrance to the church path, 1950's (myself on fairy bicycle) and 2003. 
far cottage, 1950's and 2003
looking back, up towards
Bratton Seymour
Crossroads (nr Shepton Montague)
Wincanton - Bratton Seymour
the bridge, overgrown now
Two views of what used to be The Hall School, first from beside Home Ground; second, from the road beside the church.
Roosters - girls' dormitory
near cottage, 1950's (my mother Kay Fulham, 
Mrs Down, Queenie(?) and myself), and in 2003.
Wincanton Town Centre 
Stourton View 
   photos Sue McPherson 2003
(with some family photos from about 50 years ago interspersed). .
St Nicholas' Church
down the church path
the far end of the garden, 1950's (my mother Kay
Fulham, and myself, Church Farm behind) and in 2003.
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