Welcome to Colchester, UK
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On your right is the sightseeing bus. 
It starts here, right outside the main 
entrance to Colchester Castle Museum.
       A Look at Colchester             
                                Photos by Sue McPherson 2001       
Priory Walk - 
 in the historic town centre. Colchester's history goes back 2000 years, to before the Roman invasion of AD 43, when Colchester was called Camulodunum.  

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Twelve Fair Maidens 
The Colchester Sphinx
on display at Castle Museum
On the left is a drawing of Ancient Sculpture in Stone of a Sphinx found at Colchester on the 17th of March, 1821 (Hay, 1821)
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Tymperleys Garden
At the centre and to 
the left is a magnificent mulberry tree (bush),  approximately 150 
years old.
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article on 
the Sphinx
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More Colchester Photos on page 2 . 
Anglian Quillers display: 
Essex County Library, Colchester.
Roman Soldier
A 7 ft high floral 
tribute stands in 
Wertzer Garden, 
Castle Park.
Sun and Earth
The two female figures over the archway 
of Colchester Town Hall depict the Sun 
and the Earth (Clark, 1972). 
Town Hall, Colchester
View showing the 
archway, with the 
figures of the Sun and Earth.
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Calendar on the ceiling of Colchester Council Chamber, Town Hall.
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snowdrops and crocuses
Holy Trinity Church
Trinity Street
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