England's Johnny Cash
save the earth
Punch and Judy show
Punch and Judy show
   Save the Earth
Conservation iis a matter of much concern for this pair.
People in Colchester
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Punch and Judy show
Colchester Free Festival,             2001,  Castle Park
Market traders Maureen and
Keith with posters of Ollie
Austin, England's own country
and western singer.
Outdoor Market
Lady with Attitude
Debenham at work
Lady with Attitude!
Local artist Charles Debenham quietly shows his work-in-progress to Liana of Cosmic Tattoo, Colchester.  Distracted momentarily, Liana turns, elegantly displaying her own creative style.
Link to Cosmic Tattoo
setting up 40,000
Games Workshop
Compuccino Cafe
Compuccino Internet Cafe
a family business
Red Hot Tomatoes!
   Buskers: Two guitars            and a fiddle
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Compuccino Cafe
hard work!
very traditionally British
hamming it up
     at work
(Allen & Son)
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Punch and Policeman