Peace Campaign
Procession for Peace.
Oct 20, 2001
Remembrance Day, Nov 11, 2001                     Colchester War Memorial.
Colchester:  War and Peace
                                Colchester p 3
                       Photos by Sue McPherson, 2001  

War Memorial:  poised above is a winged figure with sword and laurel wreath.
The figure's sword is downpointing rather than held upright or in its sheath.  The laurel wreath, a symbol of victory to winners of early Olympic races, is often used to symbolise honour and distinction. The memorial reads: TO THE GLORIOUS MEMORY OF THE MEN OF COLCHESTER WHO FELL IN THE GREAT WAR  1914 - 18.

St George and Peace:
  the two figures on 
  either side of the 
  war memorial.
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The Colchester War Memorial (2008)

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