Bystanders at Above The Below
David Blaine: Above The Below
                                           Tower Bridge, London, England Sept-Oct, 2003
       photos Sue McPherson 2003, unless otherwise noted, taken 3 Oct 2003, Day 27 of the 44.

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David Blaine closeup
from the bridge
View of The Box, 
from Tower Bridge
Bystanders alongside the Thames 
peace sign
inside the main area
Visitors in the main viewing area
Tower Bridge and passersby, 
stopping to see David Blaine
On the back of the box:

I do not consider myself 
as part of an individual 
race or country or religion, 
just simply a human being 
and this is my exploration 
and now discovery of how 
strong we all are in mind, body and spirit.  Peace
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a private moment
Scene along the Thames, taken from tour boat on the river   click here for larger view
In his own space
Photo of myself, in the foreground, 
beside Tower Bridge and the box.
Photo 15 Sept 2003  Steve Same
London Outreach Centre: