"Empress of France"
Empress of France (II)
Left, image of "Empress of France": from the front 
cover of the ship's menu, printed in England 1956.
Canadian Pacific Line
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Ship's Menu,        Monday, May 13th, 1957. 
               Voyage from Liverpool to Montreal 
                Sailed May 7th, 1957.      

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For more on the history of the "Empress of France", go to: http://www.greatships.net/duchessbedford.html

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For the context in which this particular voyage took place, see Sue McPherson's Story of My Life. 
Aboard ship, entertainment during the 
week of May 7, 1957, included the film 
The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936), 
starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.
"Empress of France", in Liverpool Harbour, the Liver Building in 
the background. No date available.  From the McRoberts Collection. 90/228.  National Maritime Mueum, Merseyside. 
Liver Building, Liverpool.   side view
                   Photo Sue McPherson 2003.

For a brief history of the ship see Story of the Empress of France 
by Sue McPherson
Front cover
View website  Empress of France, story of the final voyage of the 
Empress, Montreal to Liverpool, 30 November 1960, told through 
the personal collection of Lewis Carter, passenger on this voyage. 
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Items from the Passenger List booklet, collection Lewis Carter
See also, Recollections of Nan Downham
on leaving England for Canada