Miscellaneous letters and other writing 

Study ignores availability of health care options   Response to 'Education drives health behavior changes after falling ill' (Western News). Sept 11, 2013.
      ​See original article, Education drives health behavior changes after falling ill
      re research by Rachel Margolis  (Western News). Aug 29, 2013

Anne Kneale and Bill Mates: age, gender, and sexual exploitation   Sue's Views on the News, 
Apr 14, 2013 (10 pages)

Feminism's legacy: contributing towards social inequality   Sue's Views on the News, 
Feb 5, 2012 (4 pages)  

Montreal Massacre 1989 - 2009    views from newspapers and other sources, and 
my own thoughts on this, the 20th anniversary of the deaths 
of the 14 women and Marc Lépine, Dec 6, 1989. Dec 2009, revised and updated June 2012

Lust: One of The seven deadly sins of the academy  about the controversial remarks made by Terence
Kealey in the article, The seven deadly sins of the academy, in Times Higher Education
(THE), UK. Sept 2009

Feminism  co-authored email discussion between Tracy Pace and Sue McPherson 
Jan-Feb 2008 (5 pages).

Letter to Rob Stones, Dept. of Sociology, University of Essex  Re: sex work and the sex trade 
(Rights, social theory and political philosophy: a framework for case study research) 
(University of Essex, UK) Jan 2007

Response to Jennifer Wells's Sister Thesis article on Alison Wolf's Working Girls  April 2006

An end to hatred and injustice: Colchester's War Memorial.  October 1, 2001

Gertrude (Briggs) McPherson life summary (Wakefield Kinsman) 2001   
Link to photo page on Gertrude   

MA Thesis

Women in Transition: Discourses of Menopause                          
Dept of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario (2002)
See Abstract .  Available as an eBook (PDF format), 167 pages, published by Dissertation.com (2005).

Book Reviews

Book Review: Rights: Sociological Perspectives (Lydia Morris, Ed., 2006).  Discourse of
Sociological Practice Vol 8, 1, Spring, 2007. pp. 99-105.  Reviewed in 2006

Book Review: The Montreal Massacre (authors Peter Eglin and Stephen Hester, 2003). 
in Discourse & Society 18, 3, 2007. pp. 382-384.     Reviewed in 2005
See also http://samcpherson.homestead.com/EglinandHesterBkRw.html 

Book Review: Power (Key Concepts)  (author John Scott, 2001).   Reviewed in 2006

Book Review: Importance of Disappointment (author Ian Craib, 1994).  Reviewed in 2003

Book Review: Incest a New Perspective  (author Mary Hamer, 2002).     Reviewed in 2002
          Essays and Other Writing
                                  by  Sue McPherson


Conference Papers, Articles and Essays

Sexual Harassment 2017 (originally published 1995)  Looking at Aspects of Interpersonal Communication
and Power. Essay based on an incident in the life of a student. Nov  2017.

‘Domestic Violence’ narratives: the murders of Lois Mordue and Dave Lucio -  two intimate
relationships, two murders (2005 & 2007). The connection of these sw Ontario murders 
to intimate partner abuse is examined.  June 9, 2010.   12 pages including bibliography.

About Class, Work, and the Montreal Massacre - problems with today's feminists and feminist 
organizations (PAR-L, CLC) 27 Nov 2007 (3 pages).

J. L. McPherson, Hong Kong YMCA: General Secretary 1905-35 an account of John Pherson's work
and family, and the growth of the Hong Kong YMCA during this time.  2006.  

The Hidden Narratives: stories of the many in the Montreal Massacre - drawing on Foucault's model 
of the heterotopia. Paper presented at the Narrative Matters conference, Acadia University,
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, in May, 2006. 4700 words ( 8 pages). 
                See web page:  http://homestead.com/HiddenNarratives.html

Life Story of Ebenezer Scrooge written for the Being Single collection of life stories on the Diversity
in Retirement website. 2005. 4 pages, pdf.

Perspectives on the Montreal Massacre: Canada's Outrage Revisited - providing insight not only into
the losses of that day but into the society in which it happened. 2005.  17,000 words
(36 pages). Please contact me by email if formatting is not working correctly and I shall
send a working copy, for ease of viewing.

Beyond Workaday Worlds: Aging (Ageing), Identity, and the Life Cycle  - Using life story methodology 
to draw out meaningful occurrences and narratives from their lives, I have emphasized
identity within the context of aging (ageing) and the life cycle.  Includes excerpts from life
stories. Discourses of Difference Seminar Series, Institute of Education, London, and the
University of Sunderland.  2005.    5000 words.  

Aging, Identity, and the Dilemma of Mandatory Retirement: Three Men,Three Stories  Presented at
Discourses of Difference Seminar, Sunderland.  2005.    3600 words (8 pages).

Women's Life Stories: transcending barriers of continuity through the development of alternative
                     discourses of ageing and identity Presented at Discourses of Difference Seminar, Institute 
of Education, London. 2005.    3400 words. 

Aging and Retirement: Life Stories on the Internet.   Presented at Discourses of Difference Seminar,
Institute of Education, London.   2004.  Revised 2005.  2600 words. 

Narratives and Wisdom: the lives of women growing older.  In W. L. Randall, D. Furlong, & T. Poitras
(Eds.), Narrative Matters 2004 Conference Proceedings (pp. 774-787). Fredericton, NB, 
Canada: Narrative Matters Conference Planning Committee.  2004. 6400 words.  or see web page at 

Menopause and Aging Femininity  Presented at the conference, Menstruation: Blood, Body, Brand.
University of Liverpool, UK.  2003.  6000 words, plus photos.   web page

Doing Social Research: seemingly contradictory points of view in a study of women at menopause.
 2002.  7000 words. 

Beer and Tea: Harmony and Contradiction Among Two Unlikely Counterparts  6000 words.
See pdf.  See web page .  See Abstract  International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies  6 (3) July, 2001. 

Gertrude McPherson and the Grey Cottage: an interdisciplinary, biographical approach to life cycle 
 development.  Gertrude (Briggs) McPherson was a wife and mother, a missionary, artist,
author and suffragist. Born in England, in 1908 she went to Hong Kong. . .   2001.  9000 words.  

Women in Academia  Social analysis and Interviews with women academics at the University of Windsor.   
1994. 3400 words.   
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Life stories, not listed on this site, are accessible on the Diversity in Retirement website.

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