by Susan McPherson
 2016 Nov8 90secs
  re low blood pressure as 
  cause of disequilibrium.
  - 1.5 min 90 secs
2018 Nov8 28 secs
  re the caloric test - one part 
  of complete VNG testing 
  - less than 1/2 minute 28 secs
2016 Nov8 90secs - Transcript

Dr [explaining what the MRI was looking for, and none of which applied to me]: . . . ear tumour, throat tumour, anything that might be causing you ear pain . . 
S McP You don’t think it’s a middle ear problem? ___ ______ _____
Dr : Yes, so when you’re coming up and getting dizzy, it’s almost never an ear problem, If there were a movement of crystals ___ ____ if I lay you back down, I would see your eyes go back and forth, and that didn’t happen. But when you’re coming up and you feel dizzy, it’s usually low blood pressure that’s doing that. -- - change of positions. I you’ve been lying down long and get up quickly, and if you’ve been lying down and stood up, you’d get blood rushing out of your head and then you get a little woozy, it’s normal, for 20 or 30 seconds, and that’ll get worse in time. That’s not going to get any better. 
Sue McP: I wonder if that’s the problem though.  
Dr : I know you think that right now, but as soon as you got up you felt a little dizzy. 
Sue McP: It doesn’t feel like dizzy. I don’t know what you mean by dizzy but it feels more like a balance problem. More like __ when girls join hands and go round in a circle and all fall over, that’s how I feel - - giddy. [It felt like the motion of going forward didn’t end – it kept going.] 
Dr : __ ____ _____ _________ vestibular testing.
Sue McP: Okay, when is that? Do I go home now?
Dr : _______ ________ _________.

There’s about 40 seconds between the previous 90-second excerpt and this one, in which Dr refers to what is called the caloric test, I discovered later].

2016 Nov8 28 secs - Transcript

Dr : The only thing I could offer you would be that I could do vestibular testing on you but it would be specific vestibular testing that would ___ ___ your system. We’ll put hot and cold water into your ears and make you dizzy, but that’s how we test the vestibular system. 
posted February, 2019
2017 Nov 14 BH manager of FIPPA
demonstrating how people are rude while at the same time placing blame on the person being victimized. I asked for securely-gained emails but did not gain access to them. I also attempted to have his behaviour seen as a conflict of interest, due to his second job at LHSC as legal counsel.