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J. L. McPherson, Hong Kong YMCA: General Secretary 1905-35 - an account of John Pherson's work and family, and the growth of the Hong Kong YMCA during this time. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch Vol 46, 2006 (publ. Dec 2007) pp. 39-59. See also version on website:           

Book Review: Rights: Sociological Perspectives (Lydia Morris, Ed., 2006).  Discourse of Sociological Practice Vol 8, 1, Spring, 2007. pp. 99-105.  (Reviewed in 2006).
Book Review: The Montreal Massacre (authors Peter Eglin and Stephen Hester, 2003).
in Discourse & Society 18, 3, 2007. pp. 382-384.     (Reviewed in 2005).

Letter to Editor Cultural expectations can lead to violence  Re: feminism and violence against women campaign (Letters, Woodstock Sentinel-Review. (Woodstock, ON, Canada). 12 Dec 2007.

Letter to Editor On feminism Response to Jenna Owsianik on feminism. Western News, p. 5.  UWO, London, Ontario 8 Nov 2007,).

Letter to Editor  Chilly climate for men, too Response to Critics of Spoof Edition of the Gazette  (Opinions, 6 Sept. 2007. Western News, UWO, London, Ontario).

Letter to Editor  Columnist stretched too far in making point Response to Jenna Owsianik, UWO, on Gazette article. Opinions, Western News, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.) 10 May 2007.

Letter to Editor  Poor worth less, and get less Response to Zachary Silver, UWO, on Healthcare  (Opinions, 8 March  2007 Western News, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.)

Letter to Editor  Two-tier Health No Solution  Response to Brett Skinner on free public health care. (Opinions, 11 Jan 2007 Western News, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.) 8 Feb 2007.

Letter to Editor  At odds with tone of articles on tragedy re: Montreal Massacre (Woodstock S-R, Woodstock, ON, Canada.  11 Dec 2006)  

Letter to Editor  Domestic Violence: the Mordues re: the murdue of Lois Mordue by her ex-husband Erland Mordue (submitted to, but not published. Woodstock S-R, Woodstock, ON, Canada. 28 Dec 2005)

Letter to Editor  Little Connection Between Dec 6. and Domestic Violence  re: Montreal Massacre (Woodstock S-R, Woodstock, ON, Canada. 6 Dec 2005)

Letter to Editor  Montreal Massacre -- more than violence against women   re: essay on Marc Lepine and the shootings  (UWO Western News, London, ON, Canada.  2005)

Letter to Editor   If Not Now, When?   re: commemoration for families of victims of London Bombings (Sunday Times, London, England. 2005)

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MA Thesis: Women in Transition: Discourses of Menopause. Dept of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario (2002) See Abstract .  Now available as an eBook (PDF format), published by (2005). Women in Transition: Discourses of Menopause

Beer and Tea: Harmony and Contradiction Among Two Unlikely Counterparts. 6000 words.
Or Abstract. International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies  6 (3) July, 2001.