Sept 19, 2012   Alex Chapman, sex performer; Lori Douglas, sexual wallflower?

Sept 5, 2012 All stand for the judge: Manitoba’s Lori Douglas

Aug 24, 2012  Brian Crockett: not another Michael Bryant ‘justice’ story   
Aug 4, 2012    Here Comes the Judge: Lori Douglas (Manitoba)                                                                                                                                      
July 8, 2012  Ageism and Karen Klein: the school bus monitor incident in Greece, NY                                                                                                          
May 21, 2012  Meaning in life following adversity: Melanie Phillips on star-gazing                                                                                                                  
May 2, 2012   Marathon athletes - the bravery of Claire and Terry                                                                                            
April 9, 2012   Baby boomers, longevity, and health care                                                                                                              
April 2, 2012   Contraception and working women                                                                                                                        
Mar 18, 2012  Men at work: what does the future hold?                                                                                                           
Mar 6, 2012    The decriminalization of prostitution: two women talking                                                                                   
Feb 5, 2012    Feminism's legacy: contributing towards social inequality                                                     
Jan 23, 2012   Prostitutes take their desires to the Supreme Court                                                                                          
Dec 10, 2011  The Occupy Movement: UWO's Klatt and Hammond, and other perspectives                                              
Nov 19, 2011  What Justin Bieber and Gold Diggers Can Teach Us About Feminism

Nov 9, 2011    Ageism, Class, and the Wealth Gap Between the Young and Old.

Nov 7, 2011   Widest-ever wealth gap between young and old in the US

Nov 2, 2011   Gender, sex and aging: What do we owe our spouses?

Sept 13, 2011 Serena Williams penalized at the 2011 US Open tennis finals

Apr 13, 2011   Memory stick loss at Western's clinic for children

April 8, 2011    The London Slut Walk - The 'S' word should be SEX, not slut

Dec 9, 2010.     Mature students: fast tracked though 'Prior Learning' programs

Nov 2, 2010.     Russell Williams: voices of authority and privilege dictating on his right to live

Sept 24, 2010 Jessica Dunkley: exceptional achiever and champion for women, Métis and the
                       deaf, or a misuse of funds?

Sept 12, 2010   Mature Students: getting a degree, or a lifetime of 'continuing education'

Aug 23, 2010    Survey: can Canadian baby-boomers survive our health-care system?

Aug 22, 2010   Immigrants and refugees - and Canadians: cultural norms and employment

Aug 13, 2010  Cory McMullan: Belleville police chief victim of a violent incident

July 30, 2010   Motherhood, aging, and resentful adult children: Shirley Anderson's story  

July 19, 2010  What's wrong with the Pamela Anderson PETA ad: plus the Rylstone and District
                       Women's Institute calendar and the female Czech politicians calendar

July 3, 2010  Men's rights versus children's safety: BA deals with the possibility of perverts

June 26, 2010 Lost in Translation: theories of breasts and breast milk of Saudi women

June 9, 2010 ‘Domestic Violence’ narratives: the murders of Lois Mordue and Dave Lucio

May 28, 2010  Myths about money and health: who should pay for health-care, and who should be                               getting it

May 26, 2010 If Michael Bryant should be judged on his merits, shouldn't we all?

May 23, 2010 Robin Hood: class warfare

May 2, 20101 Michael Ignatieff: leadership potential in Canadian politics

April 28, 2010 Compulsory heterosexuality, sex education in schools, and multisexualism

March  26, 2010 Project Hero: Free university tuition for children of deceased soldiers

March 16, 2010 Dutch man sees it his right to have nurses serve his sexual needs

Feb 18, 2010 The two-career family - profs in the ivory tower

Jan 24, 2010 The newspaper industry and the online pay wall - paying for online news

Jan 22, 2010 Sex for grades in universities

Dec  6, 2009     Montreal Massacre 1989 - 2009

Oct 22, 2009  PhD university students: incomplete degrees

Sept 19, 2009  Lust: One of the seven deadly sins of the academy

Sept 10, 2009 Michael Bryant and Darcy Sheppard: divided by class

Aug 5, 2009  Sexuality, motherhood, and aging: Marilyn Monroe

July 28, 2009  Rideau Canal, Kingston: Four members of the Shafia family found dead

July 12, 2009  Resentment towards the privileged: Inability to take responsibility

July 7, 2009  Refusing to Multiply: motherhood or career

June 9, 2009  Cancer victims outrage or 'sexy' nepotism in eHealth

May 27, 2009  Comments in general, and Letter to the Editor, Globe and Mail

Apr 26, 2009  Sexuality and 'The Purity Myth' by Jessica Valenti

Apr 24, 2009  Discrimination against mentally disabled and developmentally challenged: Orillia

Apr 19, 2009  Treatment of the elderly in Canada

Apr 11, 2009  Montreal massacre article by Timson

Feb 10, 2009  Attitudes towards poverty

Jan 21, 2009  Censorship: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Dec 6, 2008  Remembering tragedies of today and yesteryear: Oshawa and the Montreal Massacre

Nov 13, 2008  Supply and Demand: Is GM really indispensable?

Nov 12, 2008  Women's rights - breastfeeding on demand?

Sept 28, 2008  Margaret Atwood and Harper's culture cuts

Sept 21, 2008  Life at the top: Toronto and Hong Kong

Aug 28, 2008  Times Higher Education's Critique of Wikipedia

May 11, 2008  Now That's Power! Wikipedia and Representation of Marc Lepine
                       and the Montreal Massacre

May 2, 2008  British comedian Johnny Vegas accused of crossing the line sexually

Dec 7, 2007  Public Displays of private matters - Irene Mathyssen and James Moore

Nov 12, 2007  Clinton: femininity, masculinity, and marriage

Mar 11, 2007  Pensioners' need for education                                

Feb 1, 2007 Marriage and the Career Woman

Jan 22, 2007  Teenagers vs older women: contraception, pregnancy and abortion

Jan 6 2007 Femininity and Womanhood: the Ashley Treatment

Nov 11, 2006  And the aim of this campaign is . . . surely not promiscuity

Sept 4, 2006  9/11 Alternative Theories - response to Lev Grossman

Aug 7, 2006  Montreal Massacre

Apr 13, 2006  Working Girls: sister thesis sells us short

Jan 31, 2006  Celebrity Big Brother's Banker Game

Jan 13, 2006  Big Brother Celebrity George Galloway MP

Dec 22, 2005  Taking action to prevent, or passively doing nothing: is there a diffference?

Dec 19, 2005  Terrorism and Murder in Canada and Britain: why no public investigations?

Dec 5, 2005  Montreal Massacre -- more than violence against women

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