Recollections of Nan Downham

We [Nan and Les] met Kay & Dennis many years ago, probably around 1955, or earlier. . .We decided to come to Canada seeking more opportunity & then discovered that Kay & Dennis had similar plans! I remember visiting them all just before Dennis left in March 1957. Kay was most concerned that Dennis get their very large player piano moved out before he left as he sailed ahead of Kay & the children, hoping to get established before they arrived. It was all quite comical as the task required rather major renovations to get the piano through a small doorway & Dennis typically assured Kay that all would be well, whilst she gently protested in that very genteel manner which was hers.

Kay & children set sail on the Empress of France on the 7th May 1957. . . We set sail the next day aboard the Saxonia with our 4 children [aged 7 to 20 months each of whom was seasick - in turn!] There was an announcement one day that we were passing the Empress of France & there she was on the horizon. We landed in Quebec . . .As the other ship finally came in there were three figures on the upper deck waving a large white handkerchief ! . . . It was lovely to see a friendly face however briefly & distantly. (speaking by email, 2002, Sue McPherson)

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