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  About me: Story of My Life 2003, last edited Dec 8, 2014

 Menopause and Aging Femininity  (2003)
   This paper examines femininity, in its various forms, in the lives of five women

 Sue's Views on the News  http://suemcpherson.blogspot.com
           -  my blog, since 2005 -- comment on social inequality and gender issues in the news
                Most recent entry:  July 30, 2014
            CPSO complaints against Ontario doctors             updated Fri, Aug 8, 2014

Dennis Fulham WWII service   photos and war record

Christine (McPherson) Bevan web page  including husband Sydney, veteran of WWI

visitors since 18March 2003
This site began initially in 2001 with a research essay I wrote on my grandmother's life, and I have now included various other pieces of writing and information about my research and related projects, and other interests.  My background is in Sociology and Women's Studies. 
                                  Sue (Fulham) McPherson
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                          Email: s.a.mcpherson @ sympatico.ca

J.L McPherson, Hong Kong YMCA: General Secretary 1905-1935  
              (2006) Photo essay on the career of Canadian missionary John McPherson

Gertrude & John McPherson - main page (2001)
               also see Photogallery

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"Empress of France"   Canadian Pacific ocean liner  menu page (created 2003)

David Blaine:  performance artist  (created Oct 2003)   Above The Below: its significance

Colchester (England, UK)  page 1       (2001).     

Colchester Museums in winter     (2005).   

People in Colchester page 2 

Colchester: War and Peace: page 3

Castle Park, Colchester 

Bratton Seymour and Wincanton photos (2003- 2004)   

Bratton Seymour Panorama    (Somerset, England)   (2001) 

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Diversity in Retirement    website since 2004    life stories of men and women

Empress of France    website 2004     Lew Carter memorabilia   

The Montreal Massacre  website since 2005  about Marc Lépine, the women who died on Dec. 6, 1989, and society 

S A McPherson   website since 2001        (current site)  research website 

Trees and Towns     website 2005    photos of trees and the places they inhabit

Woodstock YWCA 57 to 64   website 2004     seven years remembered      

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