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                                     Sue McPherson's web site: 

Affect theory.   Brian Lynch MD: his practice and writings. Chicago, Il.USA

Diversity in Retirement: life stories of men and women (Sue McPherson). (UK-Intnl)

              The Dilemma of Mandatory Retirement:
              Alternative Work-Lives: Retirement Possibilities:  
Being Single:

              Women Growing Older:

Empress of France website. memorabilia Lew Carter (by Sue McPherson). (Canada-UK)

New Mexico State University Women Studies ProgramNew Mexico, USA.

Organic Ally  Siewpeng Lee: reducing plastic and paper usage (UKCanada-Intnl)

Singles     Bella M. DePaulo: life passion: the study of people who are single (CA, USA)

Social Justice and Health. Dennis Raphael. York Univ., Canada.

Trees and Towns website  trees and towns they inhabit (Sue McPherson) (Canada-UK)

Woodstock YWCA 57 to 64: seven years remembered (by Sue McPherson). (Canada)